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  • Can I use each piece of Re·Shape multiple times?
    No, each piece is meant for a single use only. We recommend removing Re·Shape after each use and/or before washing the garment.
  • Will Re·Shape work on all fabrics?
    Re·Shape works best on lighter materials. Since the material it is made of is a thin stretchable fabric, it will not work well on thicker fabrics such as denim or fuzzy knitted materials such as sweaters.
  • Will it damage my clothing?
    We have tested Re·Shape on dozens of different materials without causing damage. However, we cannot guarantee that everyone will have the same results. There have been instances where some adhesive residue is left behind on the garment after removing Re·Shape. Therefore, we recommend testing Re·Shape by peeling one of the side tabs away and applying the small underlying area to an inconspicuous area of your garment first.
  • In what sizes does Re·Shape come?
    Currently, there are two sizes: 2”x12” and 4”x12”. If there is a demand, we will be expanding our product line to include different lengths and widths in the future.
  • Where can I buy Re·Shape?
    You can buy ReShape on this website and on Amazon. We also have wholesale options on Tundra. You can access the Tundra website from our 'Order Now' or 'Contact' page.
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